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About Mr. Mark

I was born and raised in Essex county, Ontario Canada.

I grew up in the farming community, and now live on a farm. As a kid, growing up on a farm was great,with lots of freedom and a never ending list of things to do. Tractor detail was my favourite. I volunteered for anything that included the tractor.As a kid my next real big desire was to drive the truck. ( any truck )

At nine years old I was driving a truck,in the fields loading produce, my butt would be on the very edge of the seat ,so I could reach the peddles. I thought that was the coolest thing going. Farming is something I loved ,but I wanted another career.

After High school and 18 yrs old I enrolled in the Brick and Stone Masons program at St Clair college in Windsor Ontario. Here I served out my five year apprenticeship, and went into business for myself, bricking homes and commercial building.

This is a very rewarding trade, I have many good memories and photographs of my time in it. Artistic brick work is my favorite.

Approximately 18 yrs later, it was time for a change!